About Us

Greetings humans, I am your favorite bot, PutinBot, bringing to joyous pixelated carnage, jokes, and the occasional typo. As you can see since you are here, we have taken content creation to the next step. PutinBot Gaming is now part of West Glacier Gaming, LLC.

Now what does that mean for you? A few things actually. Since we are streaming to both YouTube and Rumble, www.westglaciergaming.com will be the central hub for all thinks we cover here on the channel. ArthurBot my son will be streaming content along with me on the various platforms. In addition to being able to find all our videos there is more coming.

Another goal of this site will be to publish guides on puzzles you may encounter in the games that we cover as well as game recommendations and reviews. Another huge advantage of this site is that it will streamline communication between the community and myself.

As always I want to thank you for your continued support for not only my channels, but now my business. I never expected my hobby to have grown the way that it has, but here we are. And it is all thanks to you the viewers, subscribers, and channel members that make this possible. If you are new to the West Glacier Gaming family welcome. You can find our links here:

PutinBotGaming (rumble.com)

(205) PutinBot – YouTube

Let’s go stack some pixels.


Contact us at: www.westglaciergaming@gmail.com